Stickiville Candles and Gifts Stickers - Holographic

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Whether you're turning 1 or 100, birthdays are always a cause for celebration! These holographic sticker sheets of gift stickers, candle stickers and Happy Birthday stickers, gets the party started… just don't forget to make a wish before you blow out the candles! Get your journal, diary, notebooks, and lunch box ready for some serious hologram sticker action! The Stickiville collection features a wide range of themes and finishes for hours of sticky fun! Welcome to Stickiville!

Stickiville Happy Birthday Celebration stickers

Designs feature candles, gifts, and Happy Birthday message

Includes two skinny sticker sheets of fun, celebratory birthday themed stickers

Holographic stickers with hypnotic effects that will catch the eye

Suitable for ages 3 and up