Cotton Candy Cowgirls

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Howdy! We spin fresh gourmet cotton candy on the cone and top it with fun toppings like NERDS, Pop Rocks, Sprinkles and more! Choose from any of our 50 traditional and unique flavors. We bring the “sweet time” and some “yee-haw” to every party!

Our wide range of fifty flavors are all handcrafted from 100% pure organic sugar, making our cotton candy super soft and fluffy with great 'spot on' flavor. Because we only use sugar, our cotton candy is naturally vegan and gluten free. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even try our custom made Texas flavors like Hot Chili, Jalapeño, and Pickle-- cotton candy spinning, Texas style!

Pricing starts at $185 for 1 hour of spin time for parties under 25 people. Includes unlimited cones during that time for your party, toppings of your choice and up to 10 flavor options. Cotton candy stamping is $25 extra; each extra hour is $100, or an extra 30 minutes is $50. Ask about our cotton candy POOF cakes too!

We also offer cotton candy party favors. Choose from any of our amazing flavors, and send home cotton candy with your guests. It's sealed in containers and has a recommended 2 week shelf life. Pricing starts at $3.50 for each 16 oz container, or choose 32 oz containers. Toppings can be added as well.

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