My First Spot the Difference

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Offers hours of age-appropriate fun to kids that are just starting to enjoy finding answers by themselves. Search for differences in each picture, practice visual thinking, and perfect hand-eye coordination with lots of fun problems.

Help your little reader practice their visual thinking, pen control, and hand-eye coordination with this find-the-difference puzzle book! My First Spot the Difference is the perfect book of brain games to encourage writing, counting, and critical thinking.

This puzzle book for little skill seekers encourages kids to find the differences in each picture and problem-solve independently. Preschoolers and kindergartners will have hours of fun as they spot differences and solve brainteasers.

With over 50 fantastic puzzles, this activity book encourages:

Number and letter sequencing


Creative thinking

Cognitive function

The puzzles become more advanced as your little learner grows and includes bonus questions, adding to the learning fun! Plus, the solution to each puzzle can be found at the back of the activity book, ensuring your toddler will be both challenged and supported. My First Spot the Difference is the perfect activity book for kids of all ages!