Fandex Kids: Ocean: Facts That Fit in Your Hand: 49 Sea Creatures Inside!

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It’s Fandex® reinvented, in a fresh, new format designed just for curious kids!
The bestselling Fandex decks have been given a complete overhaul to make them just right for children ages 8 and up—the illustrations are brighter and bolder, the die-cuts are simplified to make the cards easier to leaf through, and the text is livelier and age-appropriate. But the unique promise of Fandex is right here—a “facts that fit in your hand” die-cut-card-deck format packed with fascinating images and information about topics kids love.
In Ocean, kids will discover why the oceans are filled biological wonders that we’re only now starting to understand. Like the Curvier’s Beaked Whale, which has been recorded diving as far as 9,816 feet below the surface, more than any other mammal. The ancient Coelacanth—often called a “living fossil—which has changed very little in 400,000,000 million years and was once assumed to be extinct. And Giant Kelp, found in cool coastal waters filled with nutrients that help it grow up to two feet every day—that’s right, two feet! In addition to profiles of ocean species, the deck includes information about ocean depth zones, ecosystems, a glossary, and more.