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One of our all time favorite card games.

An addictive game of visual perception.

Lay out twelve cards on the table and find sets of three cards where all 4 characteristics are either the same or different on all three cards.

The different characteristics are:

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Shading
  • Number

Ages 6+

Winner of 25 Best Game Awards!

Invented by a? Cambridge University mathematician and computer programmer, this addictive game is actually based on set theory and genetic permutations.? In 1974 Marsha Jean Falco used symbol cards to better organize and visualize gene combinations.? She created a game from these cards which became a favorite with her children.? In 1991, urged by her son and daughter, she went public with the game Set.? Since then this game has consistently been winning awards and loyal fans.
Consisting of 81 symbol cards, Set challenges players to find same or different from the color, shading, number or shape represented.? A set consists of three cards.? Simple enough for a five year old yet tests the speed, logic and visual perception of all ages.?

Long a best seller here at The Learning Tree, we recommend it as a staple in any collection of family games.? Set can be played as a solitary game or competitvely with as many players as the space can accomodate.? A great game to take on vacation.? Caution!? May be habit-forming.