The Marvelous Maison

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Super feminine, sumptuous, stylish, and utterly stunning! The Marvelous Maison is the ultimate party house, and the perfect birthday party venue! Escape from the city for a Marvelous Vintage Tea Party, a Surprise Sleepover for your teen's birthday, a Special Sweet 16 she'll always remember, or even a Mom's Weekend Getaway. Designed & curated especially for gatherings, celebrations & drippingly gorgeous photos!

The Decadent Floral Turret Room has Florals Cascading from the Ceiling, Floral Walls, and even Floral Seating. Crazy Fabulous! Pink Piano, and a Pink 1960s Camper by the Pink SeeSaw! Lush Furnishings, Velvet Drapery, Pinks & Golds throughout, 12 ft Ceilings, Antique Chandeliers, and Stellar Art. Fresh & Light by Day, Crystal Warm Glow by Night.

Large Stocked Kitchen, with all Glass and Servicewares available for use. This is only 45 minutes East of Austin Central, and the most Stunning Venue for Relaxation, Celebration and Play.

Pricing starts at $500 for a 5 hour venue rental and up to 10 people; and $750 for 11-25 guests. Plus $150 cleaning fee and taxes. Venue rental is available from 9am to 6pm. Please contact us overnight pricing or longer parties.

The Marvelous Maison is a fully stocked, DIY event space perfect for an elevated celebration. If you would like additional entertainment, catering, or any help hosting your event, check out Marvelous Events USA and let us do the heavy lifting. The Marvelous Maison is also the perfect backdrop for a Marvelous Vintage Tea Party.

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